Managing GREEN Solutions As A Service 

KELODA is a hybrid 3rd party solutions provider combining the operational and technology deliverables of “Green” Energy Services Company (ESCO), the transformational value of automating business processes (BPO), and the outsourcing efficiencies of a traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP) across multiple technology sectors we refer to as “GREEN Solutions”.
•The GREEN Solutions portfolio is broadly defined as LED Lighting (for Horticulture and Commercial), Solar (PV) Systems, EV Charging, Enterprise IT, and Infrastructure Connectivity, i.e., system-level Hardware and Software-driven interfaces such as IoT-enabled sensors and network controls, all supported by KAAS proprietary software tools and processes.
KAAS is our proprietary branded platform approach to enable the GREEN Solutions portfolio. The KAAS commercial and financial “wrapper” for these solutions is based on the emerging and in-demand “As-A-Service” financial model. The key benefit of this model allows for significant upfront CAPEX investment to move to OPEX as a monthly service charge.
KAAS has the same potential to lower the barrier of entry for both smaller, fledgling business or mature, larger enterprises, thereby “democratizing” the process, accelerating the decision-making path, promoting new markets, customers, and projects…ultimately increasing ROI in time-to-market, time-to-money, and time-to-value.
•We work in partnership to identify pain points, propose solutions, and collaborate with the entire value-chain to provide a wide range of quality, cost-effective managed services that can extend and enhance current operations and achieve business goals.