What is KELODA?

KELODA is a startup, hybrid-play combining the operational and technology deliverables of “GREEN” Energy Services Company (ESCO), with the business automation and digital transformation processes of a BPO,  and 3rd party outsourcing value of a traditional Managed Services Provider (MSP), pooling its expertise across multiple technology sectors we refer to as “GREEN Solutions”.  KELODA provides these Solutions utilizing the innovative and in-demand “as A Service” business model.

What is the GREEN Solutions Portfolio?

This portfolio is broadly defined as LED Lighting (for Horticulture and Commercial), Solar (PV) Systems, EV Charging, Enterprise IT, and Infrastructure Connectivity, i.e., system-level Hardware and Software-driven technologies such for IoT and Automation Controls.

What is the KELODA “As A Service” Business Model?

The KELODA model is a subscription-based method of financing products and services with significantly reduced upfront capital investment allowing an End User to shift CAPEX to OPEX on the balance sheet. Through this emerging business model the product and service provider ecosystem  is shifting from transactional business to address the potential for increasing long-term, higher-value relationships through “bundling” end-to-end fulfillment and managed service solutions. KAAS attracts, fulfills, and sustains these long-term customer relationships through all stages of a new or upgraded system in a managed service suite of options.

What is the key value and objective of “As A Service”?

The goal is  to create and retain “lifetime relationship value” by increasing End User share of wallet over longer periods. This managed service shift creates new Recurring Monthly Revenue  streams at higher margins, recognized as consistent and predictable “RMR” payments, allowing the Vendor to administer an agreed service and performance level support while retaining both ownership and residual asset value at the end of term. On behalf of the Vendor, KELODA facilitates the end-to-end lifecycle performance over the term; installation through disposal.

Who comprises KELODA?

The Founders and our globally dispersed support network of subject matter experts combined have decades of hands-on, Enterprise-level information technology, advanced electronic system design, complex supply chain, and high-value managed services experience working with top global brands and market leaders in each field.

What is the KELODA Ecosystem?

A commercial framework and addressable market primarily comprised of Financial Services Providers, Consultancies, Product Manufacturers (Brand OEMs), and their Reseller Channels (VARs & GSI) who are looking to expand their role and value by providing enhanced turnkey services with both new and existing End Users consuming any of the technologies in the GREEN Solutions portfolio.

Does KELODA sell products or provide financing?

KELODA is a 3rd party service provider who collaborates with product brands and financial institutions. We help to structure, organize, deliver and manage the deliverables within the scope of service according to the terms agreed among the parties. We work transparently as “badged” representatives, trained and certified to perform services within the contract scope. KELODA is brand agnostic.

How Does KELODA work with Customers?

Product manufacturers (OEMs) and their Reseller Channel partners (VARs & GSI) are looking to expand their role and value by providing turnkey services with new and existing customers. KELODA can help you effectively extend the as-a-service model to the market as both a basis of profit and new source of revenue. Rather than just a markup on product sales, we can build-in rich service margins within a Recurring Monthly Revenue stream (RMR) so you are really monetizing on delivering value, rather than selling on price. We can you help implement and improve productivity by automating and transforming existing business processes using a managed services software platform.

How and where does KELODA deliver products and services?

KELODA can help Vendors not already involved in retrofits and facility management gain an as-a- service footing through a KELODA partnership and benefit from all stages of a system install from design to installation, management, and system maintenance. KELODA transparently facilitates the last-mile delivery and lifecycle management of products or services on your behalf under a single End User agreement, whether in North America, or wherever you chose to deploy in over 325 cities in 96 countries across four continents.

For Manufacturers: KELODA will work with the product providers to train and certify KELODA installers and service teams on the design form, fit, and function for every device in the system

For Resellers: KELODA will structure multipoint engagements to support as many products and services that can be provisioned under the contract scope

For Finance: We can also enhance the financial modeling for those currently providing the leasing services with greater efficiencies. We can refresh current leasing agreements into an “as a service” solution or overlap and transition into KAAS as new demand requires

What is the KELODA engagement methodology?

The KAAS scope of service is a financially elastic, menu-driven assortment of services packaged over a fixed term, with options to refresh, retain or reclaim the system based on the End User’s requirements. The KELODA KAAS model supports a complete “X-in-the-Box” solution where all requirements to enable a “Greenfield” site might be consolidated under one master agreement with the Partner to finance and provision full lifecycle support to the End User over successive service periods.

• A Two-party agreement exists between KELODA and Partner

• Partner holds the Master Contract with the End User for all KAAS services

KELODA, as Intermediary, acts “transparently” as extension of the Partner for all hardware, software and service support as packaged

KELODA will operate as “badged” and “certified” services provider to Customer responsible to deliver the KAAS-based scope, including installation, preventative and reactive maintenance, refresh, and monitoring

How does KELODA ensure value?

KELODA ensures value by maintaining consistent cost/performance with up-to-date system features and service levels by its deep ecosystem of globally distributed third-party providers. The End User enjoys a long term sustainable and predictable expense without the traditional funding challenges in the lease vs. buy process. KELODA provides benefits in multiple ways; by enabling equipment, rebalancing capital investment, providing continued maintenance, and ensuring a high performing system in partnership with and on behalf of OEMs, VARs and GSIs.

What is the KELODA Value Proposition?

KELODA and the KAAS platform provides a valuable alternative to more conventional price-and-item selling and helps support operational business process transformation using “as-a-service” to provide flexibility in time-to-market, time-to-money, and time-to-value for all stakeholders in your ecosystem.