KAAS Platform

What Is KAAS?

KAAS is our proprietary branded platform approach to enable the Green Solutions portfolio. The KAAS commercial and financial “wrapper” for these solutions are based on the emerging, in-demand “As-A-Service” model, supported and differentiated with a robust, over-ten-year-tested platform capability. KELODA shifts business spending from CAPEX to OPEX, enabling End Users to reduce significant upfront capital investment. KAAS operates on a subscription-basis. The typical term of service is 3-5 years.

How does KAAS operate?

KAAS acts as a complex contract and project management engine and provides end-to-end governance, automating business processes from initial financing to ongoing order management that occurs among the parties in the business relationship and contract scope. From almost every aspect of Customer and End User Management, including delivery, scheduling, installation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting, upgrade renewal or recovery, and finally asset retirement…KAAS controls and provides real-time visibility throughout the lifecycle process using our flexible software and service infrastructure. KAAS is the key to a successful “Design-Build-Run” deployment.

What is the KELODA Value Proposition?

KELODA and the KAAS platform provides a valuable alternative to more conventional price-and-item selling and helps support operational business process transformation using “as-a-service” to provide flexibility in time-to-market, time-to-money, and time-to-value for all stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Value for the Customer

  • Extend core strategic capabilities, reduce complexity
  • Business differentiator and competitive advantage
  • Additive, higher value services/solution-selling platform 
  • New customer acquisition and/or revenue streams
  • Expands entry to new geographic markets
  • Higher revenue and improved margins through RMR’s
  • Builds Lifetime Customer retention model
  • Creates leverage, retain asset/residual value over term
  • Elastic financial terms, lowers barrier of entry
  • Immediate, low cost go-to-market (plug n play)
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Increases time to money/time to value
  • Increases overall Enterprise valuation

Value for the End User

  • Reduced upfront capital investment requirements, moves expense to the OpEx line instead of CapEx burden
  • Simplify sourcing, procurement and retirement hurdles, allows faster decision making and time to implement
  • Less impact on balance sheet and company bottom line financials, monthly service payment based on packaged solution
  • Less uncertainty on a classic 3-5 year technology refresh, buy-back “retirement” option available
  • Shift from consuming products to consuming services, elastic model – pay for what you use – scale up/down
  • Single source billing with tracking down to business unit or cost center for proper allocation and management
  • Refocus resources on core business priorities, productivity and enhancing end-user experience